National Day of Security and Defense Forces of the I.R. of Afghanistan Celebrated

March 01, 2021, Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Ashgabat hosted an event on occasion of National Day of Security and Defense Forces of I.R. of Afghanistan (ANSDF) with participation of Col. Muhammet Esenow, Chief of Admin Directorate of Ministry of Defense of Turkmenistan as Chief Guest, all Military and Deputy Military Attaches of the Embassies, deputies of UNRCCA and OSCE Centers in Ashgabat.

In this event, Mr. Ahmad Tariq Noorzadeh Counselor and Chargé D’Affaires of the Embassy highlighted the efforts and sacrifices of the Afghan Forces in combating global terrorism for ensuring Security, Peace and Stability in Afghanistan.

He also mentioned that, Afghanistan is fighting with 20 terrorist groups from the region and the world. This means we fight and sacrifice on behalf of the region and the world.

Mr. Noorzadeh also brief participants about the recent development on Peace Talks and increased violations in Afghanistan.

Col. Najibullah Zulfiqar Military Attaché of the Embassy also underlined recent development and capabilities of the National Forces of Afghanistan.

The event continued with a video clip of ANDSF activities and military operations.