First Fish Farm Established in Bamyan

The first fish production and breeding farm with a total value of two hundred thousand Afghanis was established in Dara Dokani district of Bamyan province.

Zabihullah Zahadat, a government employee and owner of the farm, said he was always interested in breeding fish and built this farm from his own savings which he had earned through his monthly salary and from selling his crops.

He stated that the purpose of establishing this farm was to promote the fish farming industry and also to create jobs for the local people.

He imported about 55,000 cold-water fish eggs online from Denmark to Bamyan through the help of a friend a few months ago.

Bamyan province is a suitable place for breeding and production of cold-water fish due to its cold climate. The establishment of such farms, in addition to promoting the fish farming industry, is a good source of income for families and creates job opportunities for local people.

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