A document which is issued in order to dissolve the contractual relationship between the married couple, the people who request such type of document is prepared and issue for them.

There has to be a reason for the divorce requirement.

B: If the issue of alimony, custody (Meher) and custody of children has not been met, and the purpose of dismissal and possession of a legal document is there.

C: Divorce occurs when a woman is cleaned up from her habit.

D: As an Admiral, when the woman cleans up and after completing a different correctional authority, failure of the judiciary is carried out.

According to the findings of the court of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, the issues related to secrecy, custody (Meher – مهر), custody of children are not responsible for the separation and possession of a legal document, political and constitutional representation.

The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan can be pro-active and have two witnesses of Afghan citizens considering documents (valid Identity) Passport Notes, according to the application form, will be issued by the Divorce Officer and will be issued in a non-exclusive manner.

Product: Preparation and the issuance of the Divorce certificate costs 50 $ US.

Application Form: PDF