Cultivation of Strawberry’s Increases in Herat

Herat directorate of Agriculture said, “Due to suitable weather and farmers’ passion, the cultivation of strawberries in this province has flourished and the cultivated areas have dramatically has increased and reached more than one hundred hectares.”

Bashir Ahmad Ahmadi, acting provincial director, said that looking at increase in cultivated areas, the yield of strawberries is expected to be reached more than 150 metric tons this year in the province.

He says that the mentioned berries are grown in both greenhouse and outdoor methods, and due to the additional cultivation of this crop, the farmers are mostly showing up interest and cultivate this crop in greenhouses.

Herat because of having decent weather has the largest strawberries farms in the country. Currently, the price of per kilo of strawberries in Herat market is 100 and 120 AFN.
Raza Dehqan, the chief of “Paliz Sabz” strawberry’s farm said,” our production is upgraded every year, that’s the reason that my interest has also been increased in cultivating the strawberries.

He has cultivated 20 hectares of land in two ways, greenhouse and open field, and has created a working environment for 30 farmers, most of whom are women.

Mr. Dehqan owns one of the largest mulberry farms in the country, from which 37% of Herat strawberries is obtained.

He further stated that in addition to Herat, he sells his products to Nimroz, Ghazni, Farah, Kandahar and Badghis provinces, and in these provinces, interest in growing this crop has increased. Women work in most of Herat’s strawberry’s farms.

“We have ten women harvesting and packing in this greenhouse, which has improved our living conditions,” said Maryam, who works on a strawberry’s farm in Injil district.

Zarghona, another woman dealing with Agriculture says: “In addition to my work, I received training in growing this crop, and I plan to build a peanut farm for myself if my financial situation improves.”

Strawberries are a good source of vitamin C and are one of the valuable fruits that have been promoted in Herat province for several years and the area under its cultivation has increased.

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