Afghan and UN Representatives Discussed Afghan Situations

5th May 2021

Ambassador Khan Wali Khan Basharmal met with Ms. Christine Weigand UN Resident Coordinator and UNICEF Representative in Turkmenistan.

Ambassador Basharmal said that United Nations has been playing a key role in bringing peace and stability to Afghanistan. He also appreciated the efforts made by UNICEF in education particularly in promoting literacy and basic competency learnings in Afghanistan. Ambassador Basharmal called the past education quality assessments of UNICEF in the domains of reading and mathematics, very effective for Afghan education policymakers.

Mr. Basharmal also said that ‘the freedom of speech and women’s rights are major achievements made by the people of Afghanistan in the last twenty years; people are given the right to speak, criticize and express their thoughts.’

Mr. Basharmal highlighted the economic plan of the H.E. President of Afghanistan for bridging Central Asia and South Asia.

Ms. Christine Weigand UN Resident Coordinator & UNICEF Representative in Turkmenistan praised the achievements of the Afghan Government and expressed the desire to work together with the Embassy of Afghanistan in Ashgabat. She wowed to assist the Afghan institutions in all the required areas of development. Meanwhile, she said that she would also like to participate in the events of the Afghan embassy to know more about the ongoing developments in Afghanistan.