Afghan and Turkmen Sides Discussed Transport Corridors

20th May 2021

Mr. Khan Wali Khan Basharmal, Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to Turkmenistan met with Mr. Overzov Bayramgeldi Orazgeldiyevich, Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Turkmenistan for Transport and Communication via a video call.

Afghan Ambassador talked about the opportunities and challenges in the areas of trade, transaction, land, and air corridors.

The ambassador has presented the Afghan traders’ suggestions to the Turkmen side. During the meeting, several other important items of discussion were also raised like opening bus services between Herat – Mary – Ashgabat and Aqina – Mary – Ashgabat.

It was also agreed that both sides will consider further facilitation in terms of visas, logistics, and travel facilities.

Mr. Basharmal has also suggested that there is a need for an air corridor for both countries’ products and the passengers to travel between Kabul-Herat-Ashgabat. The Turkmen side agreed on it and vowed to cooperate in this regard after ending the corona’s limitations.

Both sides discussed the importance of trade and transit between Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and Turkmenistan and emphasized further development in Lapis Lazuli Trade and Transit Corridor which connects Afghanistan to Europe through Turkmenistan.

Mr. Overzov Bayramgeldi Orazgeldiyevich said that his country is interested in a stable and peaceful Afghanistan and only through joint projects like TAPI-TAP and Lapis Lazuli we can achieve our mutual goals.

He said that Turkmenistan would eventually reduce transportation costs for Afghanistan. The third pilot shipment through Lapis Lazuli Trade and Transit Corridor was also discussed.