Afghan and Turkmen sides discussed TAPI

Monday, April 26, 2021
Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to Turkmenistan, talked to M. Amanov Director-General of TAPI Limited, via a video call.

‏In this meeting, both sides have discussed the progress of the practical phase of the TAPI project from Afghanistan and Turkmenistan border to Herat Province in Afghanistan. Afghan side has suggested that the Indo-Pak leadership should also be invited to the inauguration ceremony of practical work in Afghanistan.

Turkmen side has provided a thorough brief on the current status of the TAPI project, and realized the importance of the TAPI project for regional stability.

‏Mr. Basharmal, Ambassador of Afghanistan to Turkmenistan also said that the TAPI project will open a new chapter in regional diplomacy, and it will keep the foundation of a new culture in politics and economy.

‏In this virtual meeting, they also discussed the practical aspects of gas distribution for the commercial market and industry in Herat province.