With The Message of PEACE, Afghan Cyclists Arrived In Turkey Via Lapis Lazuli Route

A group of 10 Afghan cyclists has reached their last destination during their one and half month journey through the Lapis Lazuli Trade and Transit Route from Herat province of Afghanistan to Turkey via Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, and Georgia.

They are carrying the message of peace to the Lapis Lazuli member countries.

The Afghan cyclists were warmly welcomed by citizens and sport authorities of different countries during their journey.

“We succeeded to achieve our goal and pass on the message of peace and friendship to the people of the countries,” said Mohammad Seddiq Jami, head of the cyclists’ group.

The cyclists said their goal is to pass on the message of peace to Lapis Lazuli countries – Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Turkey – and make an assessment about the safety of the route for Afghan traders.

Their journey comes as efforts for peace in Afghanistan have been accelerated in the national and international levels.

“To introduce Afghanistan’s civilization, history, culture, and cultural values to the member countries of the Lapis Lazuli Corridor,” said Abdul Ahad Siddiqi, a cyclist.

Another cyclist, Binyamin Jami, said Afghans are tired of war and that they want to open a new chapter in their lives.

This is the first long journey by Afghan cyclists outside the country in which they will travel to Turkey through Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Georgia.


Herat, Afghanistan

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