Turkmenistan is Our Important Partner and Strategic Neighbor: President Ghani

H.E. Mohammad Ashraf Ghani President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan met with H.E Raşit Meredov Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan.

Foreign Minister of Turkmenistan offered best wishes of President of Turkmenistan to the President of I.R. Afghanistan and presented him a formal invitation to visit Turkmenistan.

Foreign Minister of Turkmenistan expressed his deep condolences to the martyrs of Balkh Province and wished holy paradise for them and patience for their families.

Regarding the Joint Commission on Economic and Security Cooperation between I.R. Afghanistan and Turkmenistan, he said that the meetings are being held regularly.

He noted that the peace and stability in Afghanistan is our dream and when we hear sad news, we are concerned.

The President of I.R. Afghanistan thanked the Foreign Minister of Turkmenistan for expressing sympathy and welcomed the invitation of the President of Turkmenistan. He said that the visit will take place in a proper opportunity.

President Ghani said that Turkmenistan is our important partner and strategic neighbor and we always see Turkmenistan as a strategically important country.

President Ghani explained the Afghan Government’s four-year security plan in coordination with NATO and International partners that will ensure the plan objectives.

He added that during these four years the quantity of our special forces will double, the Air Force’s operational capacity will rise and the insecure areas of the country will come back under the government control.

President Ghani added that recently the Afghan defense and security forces have made them heavy losses and their major commanders are killed. He noted that the military operations of this group are declining.

Turkmen Foreign Minister thanked Afghan President for accepting the invitation to visit Turkmenistan.

He said that you’re leading a broad view of the future of Afghanistan and under your leadership I see clear picture of a prosperous Afghanistan.

Turkmen Foreign Minister noted that Afghanistan is also strategically important for us and the President of Turkmenistan in all events and meetings mentions this fact.

He pointed to the importance of Turkmenistan – Afghanistan – Pakistan – India (TAPI) Pipeline and said that with the implementation of this important project, economic and regional stability will increase.

He added that the trade and economic cooperation between Afghanistan and Turkmenistan is extensive and we are pleased to have the good spirit of Afghan businessmen.