The First Batch of Gasoline of the A-98 Brand Has Been Sent to Afghanistan

The first batch of the gasoline of the A-98 brand made at Seydi oil refinery was sent to friendly Afghanistan. It became possible thanks to putting into operation of the LCH-35-11/1000 catalytic reforming unit expected production of high-octane gasoline of the A-98 brand.

This project was performed by “WTL (FZE)” group of companies from the United Arab Emirates and “Westport Trading Europe Limited” (USA). Initial raw materials in work of installation is straight-run gasoline of brand 50-180 ºS. The design capacity of installation makes 500 thousand tons per year.

By means of new installation it is planned to make annually 412 thousand tons of a component of high-octane gasoline of the A-98 brand, 25 thousand tons of the extraction gasoline used in the food industry, 15 thousand tons of the liquefied gas, 23,5 thousand tons of the gas used in furnaces and also 17 thousand tons of gas with hydrogen impurity.

The component of high-octane gasoline of the A-98 made on new installation will become a basis for release of motor gasolines of the brands A-95, A-92 and A-80, Euro- 5 conforming to standards.

Use of the automobile fuel conforming to the Euro-5 standard will allow to reduce indicators of smoke of exhaust gases and to lower emissions of products of combustion of fuel in the atmosphere.