The Embassy of the I.R. of Afghanistan Celebrated 98th Anniversary of Independence Day

On 19th August 2017 the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Ashgabat, celebrated the 98th Anniversary of Independence Day. Among the dignitaries were H.E Babayev Maksat Vice Chairmen of the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan, H.E Wepa Hajyyev Deputy Foreign Minister, Ambassadors and members of diplomatic corps, Government officials, Afghan businessmen, journalists, representative of prominent companies and Afghans residing in Turkmenistan.

Following is the speech of H.E. Mirwais Nab Ambassador of I.R. Afghanistan in Turkmenistan.

In the name of Almighty Allah!

Your Excellency, Babayev Maksat Vice chairmen of The Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan, Excellency Ambassadors and members of diplomatic corps, my fellow Afghans and respected guests.

I would like to welcome all of you to this great occasion.

Please also allow me to express my gratitude, and thank you for joining us on this special day of national celebration of the Afghan people.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
It is a matter of great pride for us that our free and proud nation has been the pioneer of the struggle for freedom and independence in the region and the world throughout history.

The continuous resistance and sacrifices of the people of Afghanistan who fought off invaders and defeated foreign occupiers have been an inspiration for the freedom and independence movements of other countries in this region. Today too, the people and government of Afghanistan are in the front line of the global fight against international terrorism and regional extremism.

As you know, in the past more than a decade and a half, Afghanistan has made bold steps in its progress towards democratic governance and cultural, educational, and economic development. Throughout these years, Afghanistan has marked a number of significant successful milestones and achievements in implementing national infrastructure projects and fundamental developmental programs.

Dear Honorable Guests,
The Afghanistan National Defense and Security Forces are fighting, with the support of the international community, with several regional and international terrorist and extremist organizations. The fight against terrorism and extremism is not the sole responsibility of the people of Afghanistan. While appreciating the support of the international community, I would like to highlight that, as a clear reality, Afghanistan is today acting as a security shield for the Central Asian Republics as well as other neighbors against terrorists and extremists. We have been fighting this senseless imposed war not just on our own behalf but also on behalf of our region.

Let us be clear about one thing more that currently in addition to the terrorist groups such as Taliban, the Haqqani network, and Al-Qaida, ISIS is a potential and imminent threat for Afghanistan, the region and the world. The presence of about 20 terrorist groups in Afghanistan, 9 of which are recognized as international terrorist networks by the United Nations Security Council, is an indicator of the magnitude of the menace threatening the peace, security and stability of this region.

Honorable Guests,
In the past few days, we have witnessed that ISIS has teamed up with the Taliban in massacring scores of innocent civilians in Sar-e-Pul province. The unification of these terrorists and carrying such an attack against civilians is a clear indication that they do not respect any religion or human value and their only aim is to kill innocent people and destabilize the region. It is for this reason that the differentiation between ‘good terrorists & bad terrorists’ or ‘good Taliban & bad Taliban’ is fundamentally fallacious and wrong. We therefore now need the entire region to instead of making such differentiations join in a concerted effort with us to put an end to the ongoing war and to arrest the further morphing and wider spread of a much more dangerous, deadly strain of extremist violence in the region.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
The fundamental plea of the people of Afghanistan is the restoration of a durable, dignified and just peace followed by economic development and progress in Afghanistan. So the policy of the government of Afghanistan is clear: while we respond to each and every act of terrorism with full force backed by the unshakable national resolve and unity of the Afghan people, we keep our doors open for negotiations and reconciliation to those who are willing to make peace. We simultaneously invest heavily and pay special attention to the initiation of great regional projects that will bring economic progress, regional integration and create jobs and help us end poverty and deprivation in Afghanistan and the region.

Dear Colleagues,
The undeclared war and the terrorism may have caused immense pain and suffering as well as loss of precious lives of a huge number of innocent Afghans, but it is certain that these terrorist bullying cannot dent the unity and resolve of the Afghan nation in our just struggle for peace, security and development. Also, under no circumstances will the Afghan people go back on their historic achievements of the past near two decades, including the political, social and economic progress that is well enshrined in our Islamic constitution.

Afghanistan, based on its vision of becoming the natural land bridge for trade and transit, defines its national interests in strengthening and deepening regional relations as well as enhancing cooperation and integration within the region and beyond. The government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, in cooperation with other countries in the region, especially our Turkmen brothers, is paying extensive attention and investing heavily to implement major regional connectivity and infrastructure projects such as: TAPI, Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Tajikistan Railway, Turkmenistan-Herat Railway, the 500 KV Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan Transmission Line, the TOTAP 500 KV Transmission Line, Torghondi-Herat-Chaman Highway, Chabahar-Khaf Railway as well as a number of other great regional projects such as KASA1000 and the Lapis Lazuli Economic Corridor.

Using this opportunity, I would like to thank His Excellency the President of Turkmenistan for the tremendous support he has provided to these project and the valuable support that he continues to provide. The success of these projects will translate into the creation of jobs and social welfare throughout the region and will be an effective and efficient way of countering terrorism and extremism in this region.

These massive regional projects will foster confidence and encourage investment and pave the road for economic progress and regional integration and will lead to limitation of the space for the activities of the terrorist groups. The completion of these infrastructure projects will also give meaning both to the vision of Afghanistan as a natural land bridge for trade and transit between Central Asia and South Asia and at the same prove that meaningful, win-win regional cooperation is not just a dream but a concrete reality. In this regard, the hosting of the upcoming Regional Economic Cooperation Conference on Afghanistan (RECCA) in Ashgabat that will be attended by over 60 countries in November 2017 is a clear indication of the valuable role Turkmenistan is playing to support economic progress, peace and stability in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan and Turkmenistan share in common many aspects of their cultures and civilizations. The special bond of friendship and relationship that exist between our peoples is all based on the strong foundations of the close ties of history, geography, religion, culture, traditions, language, and so much more that we have in common. We are pleased that the leadership of our countries took up these natural, historical ties and elevated this special relation with contemporary political and economic integration. The current extensive and special relationship between the two countries in all aspects of politics, economics, energy, trade, transit and culture is a clear indication of this mature political will of our countries’ leadership. The recent visit of President Ghani to Ashgabat was a bold, conscious outreach indicating the sincere political commitment of the government of Afghanistan to enhance and deepen our brotherly relations with Turkmenistan.

This year, we are also marking the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Afghanistan and Turkmenistan. We celebrate this 25th anniversary our close relationship has been deepened and strengthened to its best, and despite the issues of insecurity, the border between the two countries has always been one of peace and friendship.

I would like to once again express our sincere appreciations on behalf of the people and the government of Afghanistan to the people and the government of Turkmenistan and especially His Excellency Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov the President of Turkmenistan who always stood alongside the people of Afghanistan and spared no effort in his support of our just cause and plead for peace, security stability and progress. I wish to express in advance my sincere congratulations to His Excellency the President and the people of Turkmenistan for hosting the 5th Asian Indoor & Martial Arts Games in Ashgabat in September 2017.

Dear Participants,
I want to thank you once again for gracing our Independence Day event today with your valuable presence and participation, and for patiently listening to me.

Long live Afghanistan, Long live Turkmenistan, and Long live the special bond of friendship between the two free and proud nations!

Thank you for your attention.

Following is the speech of chief guest, H.E Babayev Maksat Vice Chairmen of the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan in Turkmen Language.

Owganystan Yslam Respublikasynyň Milli Güniniň 98 ýyllygyna bagyşlanan GUTLAG ÝÜZLENMESI

Hormatly jenap Mirwaýis Nab!

Ilki bilen çykyşymyň başynda Türkmenistan Hökümetiniň hem-de türkmen halkynyň adyndan Sizi we ähli owgan halkyny Owganystan Yslam Respublikasynyň Milli Güniniň 98 ýyllygy bilen tüýs ýürekden gutlamaga rugsat ediň!

Türkmenistanyň Prezidenti Onuň Alyhezreti Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedowyň ýolbaşçylygynda Türkmenistanyň alyp barýan daşary syýasatynyň üstünlikli durmuşa geçirilişiniň netijeleri, Türkmenistanyň giňden ösýän halkara gatnaşyklarynda aýdyň görünýär.

Häzirki wagtda Türkmenistanyň ikitaraplaýyn gatnaşyklary işjeň ösdürýän döwletleriň biri hem Owganystan Yslam Respublikasy bolup durýar.

Hyzmatdaşlyk ýollarynda Türkmenistan bilen Owganystan Yslam Respublikasy döwletara özara gatnaşygy üçin, ygtybarly halkara-hukuk giňişligini döretdiler.

Işjeň syýasy gatnaşyklar, has hem, ýokary derejede geçirilýän duşuşyklar, türkmen-owgan gatnaşyklaryň mundan beýläk hem ösdürilmegine berk binýat bolup durýar. Türkmenistan bilen Owganystan Yslam Respublikasynyň Liderleriniň arasyndaky däp bolan özara ynanyşmak söhbetdeşligi, şeýle hem dünýä ösüşiniň has aktual meseleleri boýunça ýygy-ýygydan ýokary derejede bolup geçýän pikir alyşmalar, ikitaraplaýyn bähbitli hyzmatdaşlygyň esasy faktory bolup hyzmat edýär we dostlukly gatnaşyklaryň geljekgi berkemegine ýardam berýär.

Hormatly hanymlar we jenaplar!

Milli ykdysadyýeti okgunly ösdürmäge we degişlilikde, onuň esasy pudaklaryny döwrebaplaşdyrmaga ugur alan Türkmenistan, häzirki wagtda dünýäniň çalt ösüp barýan döwletleriň arasynda berk orun aldy. Soňky ýyllarda ýurdyň ykdysady kuwwatlylygyny berkitmäge gönükdirilen birnäçe şanly seneler bilen dabaralandy.

Häzirki wagtda Türkmenistan dünýäniň esasy energetika döwletleriniň biri bolup durýar. Soňky ýyllarda açylan ägirt uly Galkynyş gaz käni, tebigy gazyň subut edilen gorlarynyň ululygy boýunça Türkmenistany dünýäde 4-nji orna çykarýar.

Siziň bilşiňiz ýaly, 2015-nji ýylyň 13-nji dekabrynda Türkmenistanyň Hormatly Prezidenti Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedowyň, Owganystanyň Prezidenti Mohammad Aşraf Ganiniň, Päkistanyň premýer-ministri Nawaz Şarifiň we Hindistanyň wise-prezidenti Mohammad Hamid Ansariniň gatnaşmaklarynda, Türkmenistan-Owganystan-Päkistan-Hindistan gaz geçirijisiniň gurluşygyna hem-de dünýäde iň iri ýataklaryň biri bolan “Galkynyş” gaz känini senagat taýdan özleşdirmegiň üçünji tapgyryna badalga berildi.

Türkmenistanyň Hormatly Prezidenti Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedowyňaýratyn belleýşi ýaly, bu taslamanyň durmuşa geçirilmegi gazy eksport ediji, üstaşyr geçiriji we sarp ediji ýurtlara diňe bir uly girdeji getirmän, eýsem parahatçylygyň berkemegine, onuň durnuklylygyna, şeýle hem sebitde halkara hyzmatdaşlygyňösmegine kuwwatly itergi berer.

Aýratyn ykdysady wezipelerden başga-da bellemeli zatlaryň biri hem, TOPH taslamasynyň durmuşa geçirilmegi oňa gatnaşyjy ýurtlaryň möhüm durmuş we gumanitar meseleleriniň ençemesini çözmäge mümkinçilik berer, ilkinji nobatda müňlerçe goşmaça iş ýerlerini döretmäge hem-de gaz geçirijiniň tutuş ugruna diňe bir ulag-kommunikasion däl, eýsem ýaşaýyş-durmuş infrastrukturasyny we beýlekileri emele getirmäge mümkinçilik berer. Eýýäm şu wagt oňa, Merkezi we Günorta Aziýada hem-de ýanaşyk sebitlerde umumy ýagdaýa geljekde oňaýly täsir edip biljek, yklymda syýasy we ykdysady aragatnaşygyň tutuş ulgamyna goşmaça durnuklylyk berip biljek sazlaýjy faktor diýip aýdyp bolar.

Hormatly hanymlar we jenaplar!

Türkmen we owgan halklary öz taryhyna, milli däp-dessurlaryna uly hormat goýýarlar.

Biziň ýurdumyz Owganystan Yslam Respublikasyna özüniň köneden gelýän dosty we goňşysy hökmünde garaýar. Biziň döwletara gatnaşyklarymyz iki halkyň arasyndaky köp asyrlaryň dowamynda emele gelen dostlyk, doganlyk we goňşuçylyk häsiýete eýedir.

Türkmenistan Owganystan Yslam Respublikasy ýaly däbe öwrülen hyzmatdaşy bilen gatnaşyklaryň ösdürilmegine gyzyklanma bildirýär hem-de özara gyzyklanma bildirilýän ähli pudaklarda hyzmatdaşlyk etmek üçin, biziň ýurtlarymyzyň ägirt uly mümkinçiliklerini iş ýüzünde durmuşa geçirmekde ähli zerur bolan işleri etmäge taýýar.

Biziň ýurdumyzyň raýatlarynyň maddy hal-ýagdaýynyň has-da ösmegi, durnuklylygy we parahatçylygy üçin, türkmen tarapynyň geljekde hem ikitaraplaýyn bähbitli hyzmatdaşlyga ýardam berjekdigine Sizi ynandyrasym gelýär.

Pursatdan peýdalanyp, Türkmenistan Hökümetiniň, ähli türkmen halkynyň we öz adymdan ýene bir gezek Sizi we dostlukly owgan halkyny Owganystan Yslam Respublikasynyň Milli Güniniň 98 ýyllygy bilen tüýs ýürekden gutlaýaryn we parahatçylyk, abadançylyk, gülläp ösüş hem-de öňe gidişlikleri arzuw edýärin.

Üns bereniňiz üçin sag boluň!