The Connection Work of 500 KV Turkmenistan line and 220 KV line to Afghanistan border completed

The connection work of 500 KV Turkmenistan transmission line between border of Afghanistan and Turkmenistan by the Indian Company Gaman and the connection of 220 KV Turkmenistan transmission line by the Indian company KPTL on the Sheberghan-Andkhoi route was successfully completed.

The project extends over three years between the Turkmenistan border to the city of Andkhoy and from Andkhoy to the village of Taghan Lab Jar Sheberghan.

The project will transfer 1000 MW of electricity from Turkmenistan to Afghanistan, which will include other provinces, including Kabul.

Turkmenistan 500 KV power line is one of the most important projects in the energy sector.

The total cost of the project is $ 180 million, which is funded by the Asian Development Bank.

To secure the two vital projects, a temporary checkpoint was set up by the Andkhoy Border Police on the Turkmen border.

Source: DABS