The Chief Executive, in a Meeting with Prime Minister of China, Discusses Bilateral Relations

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan met with Li Keqiang, Prime Minister of China in Beijing and discussed strengthening and development of relations between the two countries.

The Chief Executive and his accompanying delegation in Beijing were warmly welcomed by Chinese Prime Minister.

The Chief Executive at the invitation of Chinese Prime Minister visited that country and met with him on the first day of his visit.

Dr. Abdullah appreciated China’s participation, along with other donor countries, to assist Afghanistan in its reconstruction and economic growth.

The Chief Executive added that Afghanistan managed to solve many challenges but it still faces security threats and economic problems. To solve these problems, cooperation of China is important and effective for Afghanistan.

According to the Chief Executive, Afghanistan supports the policy of single China and cooperates with it in the fight against all terrorist groups.

Dr. Abdullah asked Mr. Keqiang to help strengthen the Afghan Air Forces so that they can increase their capability to deal with internal and external terrorist groups.

Meanwhile, the Chief Executive asked Chinese Prime Minister to increase its cooperation in the area of training Afghan Special Forces as well as Civil Order Police.

Dr. Abdullah reiterated that given the available opportunities in agriculture, communications and IT in Afghanistan, expects China to invest in these sectors.

The Chief Executive raised the following issues and asked China’s Prime Minister to cooperate with Afghanistan. They were included China’s investment in precious stones of Afghanistan, cooperation in the mechanization of agriculture, assistance for development of technical section and supporting Afghanistan’s membership in Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

Meanwhile, Mr. Keqiang cited Afghanistan as a good friend and neighbor of China and said that his country is interested in improving relations and expanding its cooperation with Afghanistan.

He added that China is ready to assist Afghanistan in military, security, economic, transit, trade and technical sections.

At the meeting, Chinese Prime Minister once again announced his country’s support from the joint railway project of five countries (China, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Iran) and said this project has great economic importance for Afghanistan and China as well as the region, for it provides the ring road that will have a critical role in creating economic plan.

Mr. Keqiang stressed that China is committed to cooperate in military sector with Afghanistan but this cooperation should take place in coordination with both countries.

He added that they will support the Afghan government’s leadership in the peace process, and are ready to mediate between Afghanistan and Pakistan for improvement of their relation.

The Chinese premier said his country is interested to assist Afghanistan in raising the amount of its production and is ready to build a factory by using of which Afghanistan’s reliance to raw materials from foreign countries will be reduced and the background for its economic self-sufficiency will be provided.

The Chinese premier said that his country, in addition to helping the process of Afghanistan’s exports, will cooperate in the area of agricultural equipment and machines.

Accelerating Amu Darya and Aynak Copper projects, increasing educational cooperation, financing capacity building programs, encouraging investment in Afghanistan and working to rebuild the Silk Road were other issues discussed in detail at the meeting.

The Chief Executive invited Chinese Prime Minister to visit Afghanistan that was accepted by him.