TAPI Project is priority of Afghan Government

President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Mohammad Ashraf Ghani met with the Turkmen delegation during their visit to Kabul to participate in the inauguration ceremony of Front End Engineering Design of TAPI project,Tuesday afternoon.

To start with, the President welcomed the delegation and congratulated them on election of Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov as president of Turkmenistan.

State Minister and Chairman of State Concern “Turkmengaz” Maksat Babayev expressed delight over his visit to Afghanistan, commending Afghan hospitality. He thanked President Ghani for heeding the TAPI project. Mr. Maksat spoke on behalf of the delegation, saying that they have held coordination meetings with Afghan officials over accelerating works of TAPI project. He added that the Turkmen president has special interest in TAPI project.

Mr. Maksat further said that the assessment of the project especially on financial resources is being conducted and public awareness is being spread during the current year. He assured the President that works on TAPI Gas Pipeline will be carried out solemnly.

President Ghani thanked the Turkmen delegation. He said that, “The implementation of TAPI project is the fundamental goal of mine and the President of Turkmenistan. TAPI is the priority of the Afghan Government. TAPI is not a project only but rather an important regional corridor.”

The President added that investment will be made in transformation of electricity, solar optic, constructions of roads and railways simultaneous to implementation of TAPI Project. He stated that concurrently, investment will be made in construction of airports.

President Ghani pointed out the security aspects of the project, saying that the security plan is prepared. Seeing that three military corps are stationed on route of this project, there is not any security concern. He further added that abundant construction materials are available on route of TAPI project.

President Ghani said that Afghan companies can also take part in implementation of TAPI project. Considering acceleration of TAPI project works vital and important, he said that employment opportunities will be created particularly for those people living nearby TAPI project route.