TAPI Pipeline Investment Agreement Signed in Ashgabat

The Investment Agreement on TAPI Pipeline was signed by the stakeholders of TAPI Pipeline Limited in the 24th Leading Committee in Ashkhabad in which the Foreign Minister of Turkmenistan, Petroleum Ministers of Turkmenistan, Pakistan, and India, the Deputy Mining and Petroleum Minister of Afghanistan, and Senior Authorities of Asian Development Bank participated.

This 200 million dollar agreement is considered a primary budget allocated for technical, social, and environmental survey of the Pipeline Direction and managing of the financial and recruitment issues related to the Pipeline prior to its construction.

The TAPI Pipeline Limited is responsible for completing the basic processes of building and activating the project. This Company is going to start its work in Dubai in two months after signing of the Agreement.

The TAPI Pipeline will transfer 33 billion cubic meters of natural gas for 30 years from Turkmenistan through Afghanistan to Pakistan and India. India will buy more than %50 of the mentioned gas.

The TAPI Pipeline is one of region’s priorities and Afghanistan’s main projects. This pipeline will pass through five provinces of Afghanistan in a 700 km route. With the cooperation of the TAPI Limited, the Afghan Government has considered specific programs for the commencement of this project in Afghanistan in 2016. The construction of this Project is to be completed in three years.

Source: MFA.GOV.AF