TAP 500, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan Power Interconnection Project Meet in Islamabad

Islamabad, 18 July 2016: The second Technical Tripartite meeting was facilitated by the Asian Development Bank on the sidelines of the 22nd Energy Sector Coordination Committee (ESCC) meeting of the CAREC in Islamabad.

The objective of tripartite meeting was to (i) report progress update since the introductory meeting of 11 April 2016, (ii) agree on further analytical and project preparatory work to be undertaken including next steps, and (iii) agree on the way forward. The meeting was attended by Ali Ahmad Osmani, Minister of Energy and Water of Afghanistan; Khuwaja Muhammad Asif, Minister of Water and Power of Pakistan, and D. Rijepov, Minster of Energy of Turkmenistan.

The three senior officials discussed the following three main points during the meeting:

The initial assessment and ranking of power interconnections and power trade options among the three countries through various 500-kV and 220-kV interconnection routes, under the general framework of Central Asia-South Asia Regional Electricity Markets (CASAREM).

Agreement upon questionnaire developed by the project preparatory technical consultant to be resent to the three countries to solicit requisite information for final ranking of interconnection options and optimal choice of technology, voltage and routing of proposed power transmission line.

Agree that ADB, in coordination with the World Bank, would present options for CASA-TUTAP complement so that idle CASA infrastructure in winter months could be

Utilized by power imports from Turkmenistan to Afghanistan and to Pakistan. ADB and the WB will present the way forward in the next ESCC meeting.

The next meeting of the TAP500 electricity transmission project will be held soon to review the progress and agree on the next steps for its implementation.

Source: RECCA.AF