Afghan Special Forces; An Iron Fist Against Insurgency

However, heavy conflicts are ongoing in a number of restive provinces such as southern Helmand province, the security entities said, ‘special operations of the Afghan National Security and Defense Forces (ANSDF) and using Special Forces are the most effective way to suppress the armed insurgents.’ The National Security Council (NSC) in its recent session stressed that these operations are a positive step on ensuring security, guaranteeing national sovereignty, rule of law and basic rights of the Afghan people.

The NSC asked all Special Forces to respect Islamic values, Afghan customs, constitution and other laws of the country during the operations. Meanwhile, the NSC called Commando Special Forces as one of the most effective and capable section among the country’s security forces that is being used in very trying circumstances.

Welcoming abilities of the Commando Forces, the ministries of defense and interior assured the people on ensuring security, adding currently, the armed insurgents have been considerably weakened and are not able to fight the Afghan security forces.

Brig. Gen. Dawlat Waziri, the spokesperson of the ministry for defense said, militarily, the enemies have been weakened and lost morale to face with the Afghan security forces. As well as, since the Special Forces have taken the responsibility of special operations, they have played significant role in ensuring security and suppressing of the enemies throughout the country, Waziri further said.

Since the beginning of the current year, the Afghan security forces have used new military tactics that can prevent their casualties on one hand and impose huge fatalities on the enemies on the other, Waziri added. Meanwhile, a number of MPs and political experts told that Special Forces operations are efficient to defeat the enemies, stressing in consider with abilities of the Afghan security forces, they can achieve further achievements in battlefields.

An MP, Mohammad Abduh said, ‘the Afghan Special Forces are currently able enough to lonely restore the security of the country and alongside other security forces, they could have achieved considerable successes across the country.’

Likewise, Warsaw Summit has stressed on training and abilities of the Afghan security forces, as the member countries have promised to further focus on their training during their mission in Afghanistan. Our strategy is to intensify the Afghan security forces capabilities so the yare able enough to fully handover the security responsibilities, the NATO member countries said.

At the same time, expressing hope on the Afghan security forces abilities, a number of military and political experts believe that the enemies have badly defeated in the battlefields and are not able to stand against the ANSF any longer.

A writer and analyzer, Nawid Elham said, ‘successive defeats of the enemies indicate that they don’t have another option but to disturb and kill the innocents to retaliate their failure.’ This is while that currently the Afghan security forces are capable enough to have the control of all provinces and the Special Forces could achieve great victories in most operations.

Source: (BNA) Suraya Raiszada