RECCA Business Forum 2017

The RECCA Business Forum 2017, planned for 1-2 March 2017 in Istanbul, aims to improve regional economic cooperation by focusing on connecting business across the region. It seeks to foster a range of business support, regional trade, and investment promotion activities to improve collaboration with the private sector and lay the foundation for joint ventures and other kinds of business-to-business (B2B) partnerships. The RECCA Business Forum 2017 will also seek to foster foreign direct investment in Afghanistan and its wider region, and promote regional technological transfer and information exchange.

Building on the Regional Economic Cooperation Conference on Afghanistan series initiated in 2005—and held in Kabul, New Delhi, Islamabad, Istanbul, Dushanbe and Kabul—the RECCA Business Forum 2016 will specifically:

Encourage innovative public-private-partnerships and direct foreign investment in priority regional cooperation and investment projects.
Promote business-to-business cooperation strategies that are carefully tailored to the needs of Small-and-Medium-Sized Industries (SMEs) across the region.
Contribute business perspectives to the development of the RECCA-VII regional economic strategy for Central, South, and Southwest Asia.
A one and one-half-day RECCA Business Forum 2017 will be convened from 1-2 March 2017 in Istanbul with business leaders and RECCA National Points from Afghanistan, Turkey, the region, and beyond. In connection with the above objectives, RECCA Business Forum 2017 participants are requested to deliver brief (5-7 minute) presentations focused on specific Regional Investment Projects (e.g., the TAPI natural gas pipeline or the promotion of trade in the agriculture or textile sectors) during the following roundtable discussions: I. Regional Connectivity (Transport and Trade-Transit); II. Regional Energy & Natural Resources Cooperation; and III. Promoting Public Private Partnerships and Business-to-Business Cooperation across Asia through Afghanistan. This initiative is expected to buttress regional economic growth, job creation, and public revenue generation through new business community joint ventures and partnerships with Afghanistan across Central, South, and Southwest Asia. For more information, please find the following information:

  • Concept Note – PDF
  • Agenda of RECCA Business Forum – PDF
  • List of Regional Economic Cooperation Conference on Afghanistan (RECCA) Related Countries & Organizations – PDF

To confirm your participation, please contact: Mr. Ismail Joya, Telephone: +93 70 082 2083; Email:
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