President Ghani: The Government Provides Full Support for Development of Industries

President Ashraf Ghani visited Mohammad Amin Noor Company’s vehicles and Afghan Power batteries shown at the Presidential Palace this morning.

The Chairman of Mohammad Amin Noor Company said the domestically-assembled vehicles are outfitted with solar batteries and have the weight capacity of over 450 Kg.

He added the car components are imported from China while the bodies are designed and assembled locally.

Sharing their demands and recommendations, the company’s officials said the government’s support for their production will contribute to a greater level of production as well as creating more employment opportunities.

Mohammad Wafi Amin, Director General of the Operation and National Development Support Authority highlighted the vehicles’ advantages mainly their reasonable price and said the vehicles generate no air and noise pollution and can fulfill the needs inside the presidential compound.

President Ghani expressed happiness over commitment of the Afghan industrialists to make investment inside the country and vowed he would address the legal obstacles to their operations.

The president stressed that the government provides full support for development of industries at any corner of the country and asked the investors and industrialists to take environmental protection into account while recycling old batteries and running their operations.