President Ghani Meets President Of Olympic Council Of Asia

The President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Mohammad Ashraf Ghani received the president of Olympic Council of Asia Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Sabah in his own residence in Ashgabat, Sunday afternoon.

Sheikh Ahmad thanked President Ghani for attending the official opening ceremony of these Asian Games. He lauded the Afghan athletes for having won medals on the first day of the Games.

Sheikh Ahmad said, “The objective of the Olympic Council of Asia is to encourage and promote sports and to provide necessary facilities to the athletes because sports cultivates unity among nations.”

He added that their efforts are aimed at improving sports to allow athletes excel in their fields.

The President was happy that the Afghan players have earned the medals. He also wished success to the rest of the athletes.

President Ghani said, “We are thinking of allocating a specific budget to promotion of sports in Afghanistan.

We are preparing a four-year plan for sports. He added that the Afghan Government is ready for cooperation and stresses full impartiality in sports.

Sheikh Ahmad thanked President Ghani for paying such an attention to encouraging sports and appropriating a specific budget to Afghan athletes for participating in these games.

He assured President Ghani that as soon as these games are over, the Olympic Council of Asia will send a delegation to Kabul to assess construction of a sports complex, devising a platform and conducting transparent elections.