Online workshop on International Border Management along the Maritime, Rail and Road Corridors kicked off in Ashgabat

27 July, 2021
Mr. Ahmad Tariq Noorzadeh, Counselor and Chargé D’Affaires of the Embassy of the I.R. Afghanistan in Ashgabat attended at the Opening Session of a three-day online workshop on the management of Border Crossing Points located along the international Maritime, Rail and Road Corridors which was hosted by OSCE center in Ashgabat.

The workshop is being organized in the framework of the project “Strengthening Border Services Capacities in Turkmenistan” which has a strong focus on promoting regional and cross-border cooperation in pursuit of greater economic connectivity and effective realization of the transit and transport potential of the wider Central Asian region.

The Counselor and Chargé D’Affaires of the Embassy mentioned in his speech that, today more than ever, the economy and trade are the focus of countries and this has forced them to strengthen and expand their trade relations with each other.

He pointed out that Afghanistan’s geographical location has given us the opportunity to connect together two important regions such as South Asia and Central Asia. Abundant energy in the Central Asian region and the urgent need for this energy in South Asia and the use of Afghanistan’s position as a transit route makes it increasingly important.

Mr. Noorzadeh also mentioned that, signing of the Lapis Lazuli Pentalateral Corridor Agreement between Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey opened a new chapter in regional cooperation and integration in the fields of economy, trade and transit in the region.

Single tariff system, cost reduction and visa issuance facilities between the member states were some points proposed during the speech.

Ambassador of Germany to Turkmenistan and Head of organization of customs control of State Customs Services of Turkmenistan were other speakers of the opening session.

Representatives of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, the Republic of Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan, Embassy of the I.R. Afghanistan in Ashgabat, including the members states of the Lapis Lazuli Corridor working groups participated in the meeting.