Minister of Finance Signs EUR 200 M State-Building Contract with EU

HE. Eklil Hakimi the Minister of Finance signed the State Building Contract with EU commissioner in Brussels today on 4 October. Based this contract EU will disbursed EUR 200M in the first quarter of 2017 and 2018.

Minister of Finance said during the contract: I on behalf of the GOA would like to thank EU as an organization and its member states of the people of Europe for such generous development package for Afghanistan and all the other states pledged financially and politically for the prosperity and re-development of Afghanistan.


The State-Building Contract (SBC) will provide the government of Afghanistan with additional fiscal space to finance its own strategic development priorities and policies, and will support the transition to improved democratic governance in Afghanistan. It will increase the government capacity to become more self-reliant, to pursue its policy priorities, and to progressively conduct its business autonomously through modern, transparent and accountable governance systems. It will support the government to deliver on its forward looking political commitments and institutional reforms. Specifically, the SBC focus will be on (i) public sector reform and the fight against corruption, (ii) basic service delivery and gender, (iii) public financial management with a particular focus on domestic revenue mobilization, and budgetary transparency and oversight.