Local Firm Invests $50 Million In Iron Industry

Officials of the local firm said they have brought standard machinery for production in the iron melting industry.

A local firm has invested over $50 million dollars in the iron melting industry in Kabul and has created job opportunities for dozens of people.

Officials of the firm said they have started their activities and the factory has the capacity to produce up to 700 tons of iron products in 24 hours.

According to officials of the factory, named Maihan Iron Melting Factory, an electricity shortage is presently one of the biggest problem they are facing.

“Currently we are facing electricity problems, we need more electricity to be given to us,” Omid Afzali, public relations officer of the factory said.

The company, in addition to other standard laboratories and machinery, has a big air purifier into which, according to officials, they have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“We have standard laboratories that are being used in factories in regional countries. All our production is standard,” Mohammad Reza, head of the technical department of the factory said.

The factory has provided dozens of job opportunities for people. Jawad is a student of the university in Daikundi province. During the winter he works at the factory to save money. “I am a student in Daikundi. I have come here to work and save money for my education next year,” said Jawad.

Meanwhile, a number of officials from Afghanistan Industries Association said, in addition to electricity, lack of raw materials is another big challenge faced by iron melting factories.

Currently, in addition to Maihan Factory, over 24 other iron melting factories are active in the country and their biggest source of raw material is from scrap iron.

Source: ToloNews.Com