Khan Wali Khan Basharmal is a political economist and technocrat whose writings focus on concepts and strategies relevant to Afghanistan and the international sphere. Mr. Basharmal has earned several master’s degrees: the first in Political Science from the University of Punjab; the second in Education from the University of Education, and the latest one, is an MPhil in Political Science from Noida International University.

Having authored several books in the areas of political science, economics, and conflict resolution on both the national and regional levels, he has also translated others from English into the Pashto language. His recent research encompasses work on President Trump’s Afghanistan and South Asian Strategy from Theory to Practice 2018-2020, while he is currently engaged in the development of research on The Future of Afghanistan and its Strategic Ties with America.

Having chosen the profession of teaching to begin his career, Mr. Basharmal became a university lecturer and then head of the Political Science and Law Department at Bakhtar University in Kabul. Working with both national and international organizations and in Afghanistan’s ministries, he has served in the capacities of General Director and Manager, and been a Director and Senior Researcher of Learning Assessment at the Ministry of Education.

In collaboration with the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) and the World Bank, Afghanistan, Khan Wali Khan Basharmal has contributed to two major studies conducted to gauge the proficiencies of Afghan students in the domains of reading, writing, and mathematics, entitled “Grade 3 Proficiency in Afghanistan 2015-2016,” and “Grade 6 Proficiency in Afghanistan 2013-2014.” He has remained as Acting Director and Deputy Chief of the Administrative Office of President (AOP), Afghanistan 2018-2020.

Mr. Basharmal is the founder of several institutions and organizations in strategic geopolitical analysis and the media, and has developed leading concepts on national development and institutional reforms in Afghanistan. As a Deputy Chief of AOP (Administrative Office of the President), he initiated several large scale projects, brought critical reforms to line ministries and institutions in the areas of good governance, infrastructure development, regional connectivity, monitoring, and critical evaluation, while helping to meet Afghanistan’s national and international commitments.

In his latest assignment, Mr. Basharmal is serving his nation as the Ambassador of Afghanistan to Turkmenistan.