Kandahar’s Dried Fruit And Nuts Export Up By 41 Percent

Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries’ (ACCI) office in Kandahar said that despite transit challenges, the province has exported more than 13,000 tons of dried fruit and nuts, such as figs, almonds and raisons, to India, Dubai and Kazakhstan in the past 10 months.

This is up from 9,900 tons of dried fruit and nuts exported in 2015.

The officials said the high quality of dried fruit and nuts and their standard packaging is the reason for the demand on foreign markets.

“We exported most of our dried fruit (and nuts) to India last year. They were exported to Dubai and Kazakhstan markets as well, but not as much,” said Abdul Baqi Bina, deputy head of Kandahar’s ACCI office.

Meanwhile, a number of Kandahar businessmen said they are happy about the increase in exports, but government should address transit challenges along the Pakistan route.

“We are faced with many problems in bordering areas with Pakistan, but despite these, we had suitable exports. Our problems should be solved. A large amount of (dried) fruit that could be exported is not reaching foreign markets because of these problems,” said Ahmad Gul, a businessman in Kandahar.