Joint Conference on the Importance of TAPI Project Execution Holds

April 25, 2016 Herat- Joint Conference on the importance of execution of TAPI Project was held in Herat Province. This conference was attended by the Deputy Foreign Ministers of Afghanistan and Turkmenistan, Herat and Farah Governors and Deputy Minister of mines and petroleum of Afghanistan.

In this conference which was attended by the parliamentarians of Herat and Farah provinces as well as representatives from NGOs and international organizations, Deputy Foreign minister of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Dr. Nasir Ahmad Andisha talked regarding the importance of TAPI project and expressed, “execution of major project of gas transfer from central Asia to south east of Asia marks that coordination of regional countries could result in economic prosperity, public welfare, ensuring security, extending cooperation and trust among the brotherly nations residing in central Asia and south east of Asia. Afghanistan, as a land way connecting regional countries and pave the way for extending regional cooperation, played its historical role in the Heart of Asia as a shortest passage connecting central Asia with south east of this continent.”

Deputy Foreign Minister of Turkmenistan called relations between the two countries deepen and said that Turkmenistan carried out the practical work of TAPI project which was officially inaugurated by the Presidents and Prime Ministers of the four member states and committed to ensure the required financial and technical resources for its expedition and execution.

Deputy Foreign Minister of Turkmenistan further added, “I am happy to announce that Afghanistan and Turkmenistan consider TAPI project as a large regional project and by execution of this project, trade, political and people to people relations between the two countries will be extended and have valuable effect on regional social welfare, peace and stability.

Source: MFA.GOV.AF