Iran-Afghan Railway Enters its Third Phase of Construction

Construction on the cross-border rail link between Khaaf in Iran and Herat in Afghanistan has reached the border; a ceremony was held on September 7 to mark the start of tracklaying on the Afghan side.

Afghanistan’s Minister of Public Works, Mahmud Baligh and Iran’s Roads Minister, Mr. Abbas Akhundi together with and Eklil Hakimi, Afghanistan’s Minister of Finance and Asif Rahimi Herat Governor participated at the ceremony to start construction of the 3rd segment of rail track connecting the two neighbouring countries. The event was held at the border point of Chahsorkh in Herat Province of Afghanistan.

“This project enhances bilateral relations of Iran and Afghanistan,” said the Minister Akhundi at the ceremony, “and it links Afghanistan with Europe, China, and Central Asia via the transit corridors of Iran.”

Afghanistan’s Minister of Finance Hakimi said that the rail track will boost the volume of trade between Iran and Afghanistan as it currently stands at 2$ million a year and it will reach to 6$ million worth of trade.

The project was discussed at the first time in RECCA-IV in Istanbul as part of the regional railway network of Afghanistan. It was further discussed during RECCA-V in Dushanbe while the Italian Government announced their support for its construction through their credit assistance to Afghanistan.

Mahmoud Baligh, Afghanistan’s Minister of Public Works, reassured the attendants that the Afghan government will provide security for the staff constructing the rail track as the corridor bears a high significance for Afghanistan in improving trade with the open markets of the world.

Source: RECCA.AF