Investment in Transport Can Transform Conflict Zones into Zones of Cooperation: President Ghani

President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani while giving speech in Global Conference on Sustainable Transport which was held in Turkmenistan stated that investment in transport can transform conflict zones into zones of cooperation, insisting that Afghanistan has the key role in connectivity of Transport in the region.

He has called all the regional state Government leaders to invest on sustainable transport.

President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said, “The other issue regarding sustainability is the impact of Transport revolution of peace, our investment in Transport can transform conflict zones into zones of cooperation and in that regard Afghanistan is a key test in a pilot for showing that our investment in the pour and addressing the needs of cities and key areas could be quite significant, because of this we in Afghanistan are keen to offer ourselves as global pilot for green Transport.”

Afghanistan is landlocked country where the development and stability is depended on neighboring countries specially on Pakistan.

Source: Ariana News