Honey Production Increased by 10% in 2016

Afghanistan’s Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL) said that the honey production jumped to ten percent high in the year 2016; calling the reason, development of beekeeping industry, technical training for beekeepers and raising public awareness about the good quality of Afghan products.

According to figures from the Ministry, honey production in Afghanistan reached to 1,000 tons in 2012, while the number hit to 1,900 tons in 2015 and had a 10 percent increase by 2016.

Officials say that authorities will keep striving to help beekeepers and their business to grow.

“We are trying to train more farmers and have better advantages on this field.” said Lutfullah Rashid, the spokesman in Ministry of Agriculture.

Although, Afghanistan produces a very good quality honey, but absence of proper processing, lack of controllers and standard sizes in packing have been the reasons for not having significantly great results in markets abroad.

Ghulam Sanayi Saati, technical director of Beekeeping Development Project (BDP) said, “We need a standard laboratory to control the quality of honey, so we can easily export the products to the foreign countries.”

The Beekeeping Development Project is funded by Agency French Development (AFD), the major international partner supporting honey production business in Afghanistan, which has invested about $500,000 on this project since the year 2005. In addition, AFD has provided some equipments for Afghan beekeepers.

“Honey produced in Kabul has the best quality and people should stop using low-quality products,” Mohammad Edris Rauf, Head of French – Kabul Cooperation Office in Kabul said.

Due to the suitable climate of Afghanistan, farmers have great opportunities for beekeeping; therefore, beekeepers are trying to standardize this industry.

Currently, there are 237,000 bee-families which are producing honey across the country with seven thousand beekeepers engaged in this business.

Reported by: Lyda Niazi
Source: Ariana News