Herat Exports $16 Million Worth of Cumin Worldwide

Herat exported 9,857 tonnes of green cumin and 94 tonnes of black cumin to various countries this year, according to Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Investment.

Compared to last year’s 2,540 tonnes of green cumin and 20 tonnes of black cumin, this year’s exports were are up by 80%.

The spice was exported to Kazakhstan, Germany, the US, UAE, Turkey, Sweden, Austria, Bangladesh, Iran, Kuwait, Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

Herat harvested 5,000 tonnes of cumin this year, indicating a 10% increase from last year’s 4,000 tonnes.

Black cumin is a rare spice that’s known for being more flavorful than green cumin. In addition to being an essential spice in various cuisines, black cumin also has a long history of medicinal uses. It’s grown in the wild and hand-picked by farmers and foragers.

Source: Wadsam.com
Image: Rumi Spice