Herat Expected To Produce 8,000 Tons of Figs This Year

Officials of the agriculture department in Herat have reported about a 7% increase in the province’s fig production.

“Fig production in Herat may reach up to 8,000 tons this year,” said Shukrullah Amini, head of the provincial agriculture department.

Amini added that cultivation of figs in Herat has grown significantly, and 370 hectares of land in the province are fig orchards.

According to Amini, most of the fig orchards are in Zenda Jan, Enjeel, Ghoriyan and Guzarah districts of Herat province, with 90% of the orchards present in Zenda Jan.

“Due to the fast spoilage nature of figs, about 80% of the figs are offered fresh to the markets of Herat and neighboring provinces, and 20% of them are processed and dried.

Figs are one of the economical fruits in the market, selling at a price of 60 Afs per kilo on average.

Source: Wadsam.Com