Ghazni-Kandahar 220 Kilo Watt Electricity Cable Extension Contract Signed

Officials in Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat said contract of 220 Kilo Watt Electricity cable extension from Ghazni to Kandahar province worth $113 million was signed between Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat and an Indian company (KEC), and the project will be funded by the USAID.

Chief of Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS) Qudratullah Delawri said, “We have signed the contract of the extension 220 Kilo Watt cable of electricity from Ghazni to Kandahar with an Indian company, the following extension cable is derived from 500 mega watt electricity imported cable from Turkmenistan into Afghanistan, it will cost $ 113 million which will be paid from USAID grants.”

Chief of the KEC Indian Company declared himself committed to support the electricity project in Afghanistan.

Chief of KEC Indian company Pankaj K. said, “We realize it that its big responsibility on us, the confidence which has been given to us is to execute the line, execute the project, with at most proficiency, professionalism with excellent quality.”

Based on the information in current condition 1000 mega watt of electricity is imported in the country, but still residents in the country cannot easily access electricity, officials in Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat said efforts are underway to launch more programs to enable residents to access electricity in the country.

Source: Ariana News
By: Lida Naizi