Foreign Minister of I.R. Afghanistan and I.R. Iran Met to Further Expand Cooperations

Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Salahuddin Rabbani met with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mr. Mohammad Jawad Zarif on May 7th 2017 in the Storay Palace, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

At the outset, Mr. Rabbani welcomed the Iranian Foreign Minister, counted his visit to Kabul a good opportunity to discuss and talk with the Afghan authorities regarding further expansion of both counties’ cooperation on combating threats and utilizing common opportunities. He added that terrorism and violent extremism are common threats for Afghanistan, Iran, and other regional countries and world and the current world combat against terrorism will be successful only when more than any other country, the Islamic world reach a comprehensive definition of terrorism and the Islamic countries carry on coordinated fight against violent extremist groups, regardless of their differentiation of good or bad.

Mr. Rabbani pointed out the opportunities for further expansion of cooperation between the two countries in political, security, trade-economic, cultural, and consular and stated that Afghanistan and Iran have had good cooperation in these regards and it is necessary to further expand such cooperation. Mr. Rabbani thanked Iran for generously hosting millions of Afghan citizens during the past two decades and added that the Afghan government expects the people and the government of Iran to continue its humane treatment until the time comes for the opportunity of gradual and voluntary repatriation of all these refugees.

Later on, Iranian Foreign Minister stated that considering the neighborhood and esprit-de-corps as well as historic and cultural links between the two countries, Afghanistan and Iran have had deep friendly relations and advantageously cooperation in various areas in the past and in present and regarding Taliban, ISIS, and other terrorist groups, no other two countries’ stance is near that of Afghanistan and Iran. He added that terrorism does not have good or bad, all terrorist groups are dangerous, and it is necessary to cooperate in combating against these groups.

The Iranian Foreign Minister also stated that Afghanistan’s economy, development, and access to the international markets is also significant for Iran and the opportunities for further expansion of trade-economic and transit cooperation between the two countries is available.

Bothe sides discussed and talked on cooperation between the two countries on other areas as well.