Deputy Foreign Minister Attends First Global Refugee Forum

GENEVA – The first-ever Global Refugee Forum was inaugurated in Geneva on December the 17th 2019. The Forum was attended by the Secretary-General of the United Nations; Heads of the states including the Presidents of the Republic of Turkey, Costa Rica, and Ethiopia; Vice-Chancellor of Germany; Prime Minister of Pakistan; and Foreign Ministers of different countries.

The aim of the Global Refugee Forum was to address asylum issues and challenges, to find sustainable solutions, to focus on host countries and countries of origin, to highlight share responsibilities between countries, and to deal with the root causes of asylum.

Leading the Afghan delegation, Deputy Foreign Minister for Economic Cooperation Mr. Mirwais Nab attended the forum and delivered his speech focusing on issues of Afghan refugees, related policies of the Afghan government, solution strategies for Afghan refugees in Pakistan and Iran, and an inclusive program for the returnees.

It is worth mentioning that on the sideline of the Global Forum, a solution strategy for Afghan refugees, supported by Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan and the United Nations Office on Refugees was presented by UN High Commissioner for Refugees. It was welcomed and supported by the countries attending the Forum.