CASA-1000 Roadshow in Paris, CIGRE Exhibition

Paris, 21 August 2016: To attract potential Engineering Procurement Construction and Operation and maintenance companies, the CASA-1000 Inter Governmental Council (IGC) Secretariat organised presentation of the project in the CIGRE exhibition from August 21 and 26, 2016 in Paris with high level attendance from all four CASA-1000 countries.

The CASA-1000 meetings in Paris started with stronger commitment both from the member countries as well as from the project donors. Big and reputable companies such as Siemens, GE/Alstom, ABBA and few Chines companies also attended the meeting and exchanged ideas and informations.

CASA-1000 project will promote continued economic development in all four member countries. The project proposes 1000 MW of power supply to Pakistan and upto 300 MW to Afghanistan from Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan in accordance with the power supply schedule agreed amongst the countries.

Under revised plan, 1000 MW power would be exported to Pakistan directly from Sangtuda (Tajikistan) to Nawshere (Pakistan) through HVDC Transmission Line passing through the territories of Aghanistan.

The length of the HVDC TL in Afghanistan is about 562 km and the new proposed TL is going to pass through seven provinces (Kunduz, Baghlan, Pajshar, Parwan, Kapisa, Kabul and Nangarhar). This current routing is jointly agreed and selected by MEW, DABS, MoI and MoD based on the security aspects.

The total project cost of CASA-1000 is about $1.2 billion USB and expecting to be operationalise by early 2019. IGC Secretariat currently located in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Source: RECCA.AF