CASA-1000 Project Joint Working Group Meeting

The meeting of the CASA -1000 joint working group was held on January 22, 2017 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates with participation of members of all four countries’ working groups.

During this meeting some important decisions were made which are as follows:

  • Countries agreed to re tender HVDC owners’ engineer component provided that funding needed for re tender is confirmed and the deadline for tender completion should not be later than 22, May 2017.
  • Countries agreed to launch an expression of interest for HVDC owners’ engineer following World Bank standard template. The secretariat shall send the request to World Bank for its clearance.
  • The shortlisted bidders shall be established within three weeks after expressions of interest are received.

Additionally, the Afghanistan working group informed the participants that ADB had approved financing of back to back station at Afghanistan/Turkmenistan interconnection as part of the project for electricity imports from Turkmenistan to Afghanistan. Afghanistan has decided at this point to construct one B2B station and to postpone the construction of the second B2B station (under CASA-1000 funding) to a later date.

The other countries agreed with this decision of Afghanistan joint working and decided to address this issue in the inter-governmental committee (IGC) meeting.

Afghanistan WG also proposed to add to the CASA-1000 scope of work, the strengthening of elements of Afghanistan and Tajikistan grids to enable export/import of power via the existing 220 kV line between Sangtuda and Pul-e-Khumri.

Countries agreed to consider an issue of inclusion into the scope of work the component for Afghanistan and Tajikistan side of the existing 220 kV AC transmission line Sangtuda – Pul-e-Khumri based on technical study results.

Source: RECCA.AF