Bee Production Up by 60% in Badakhshan

The Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL) on Monday said honey production reached 283 metric tons in northeastern Badakhshan province this year, showing a 60% increase compared to last year.

A statement from the MAIL received by Pajhwok Afghan News said more than 590 beekeeping farms function in the province.

Mahinuddin Ayne, provincial agriculture director, said that beekeeping farms produced more than 283 metric tons of honey this year in the province, compared to 77,154 kilograms last year, showing a 60 percent increase.

He said pure honey was produced in Baharak, Kishim, Juram, Shuhada, Wurduj, Yawan and Tagab districts and could be found in Badakhshan markets.

It added a kilogram of honey was sold from 450 to 1200 Afghanis.

Fazaluddin, a worker at beekeeping farm in Baharak district, said: “I have been working in beekeeping farm for the past 27 years, shifting it to one place of flowers then to another.” He urged the ministry of agriculture to find suitable market for the honey.

Earlier, agriculture officials in western Herat province on Sunday claimed a 20 percent increase in honey production this year in the province.

Abdul Saboor Rahmani, agriculture director, told Pajhwok that beekeeping produced more than 150 tons of honey this year in the province compared to 130 tons last year, showing a 20 percent increase.

Source: Pajhwok Afghan News