Afghans based in Ashgabat express deep concern over the recent violence in Afghanistan

Based on the instruction of the H.E. President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, a mourning ceremony was held by the Afghan Embassy in Ashgabat to condemning the two recent violent terrorist attacks that happened in the city of Pol-e Alam in Logar Province and Dasht -e- Barchi in Kabul.

The ceremony was attended by Afghan refugees, businessmen, and staff of the Afghan Embassy in Ashgabat.

Mr. Khan Wali Khan Basharmal, Ambassador of the I.R of Afghanistan to Turkmenistan has called the recent violence, an act against humanity.

Mr. Ambassador said, that there is a clear need for an immediate and permanent ceasefire in Afghanistan.

Also, Mr. Khan Wali Khan Basharmal shed light on the various implications of proxy wars in Afghanistan, calling the perpetrators of the recent attacks in Afghanistan the enemies of the Afghan people.

In this ceremony, Mr. Ahmad Tariq Noorzadeh, Counselor of the Embassy, thanked the Afghan refugee scholars for issuing a statement and condemning the current war in Afghanistan.

He also reminded the participants that several countries and independent Islamic organizations have declared the ongoing violence in Afghanistan haram (unlawful), thus there is no justification for violence in Afghanistan.

The ceremony was followed with the recitation of Quran and prayers were offered for lasting peace and stability in Afghanistan.

On the other side, several embassies based in Ashgabat sent their condolence messages to the Embassy of Afghanistan in Ashgabat. The Embassy of the Russian Federation, Republic of India, Islamic Republic of Iran, Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Republic of Turkey, Republic of Azerbaijan, Georgia, State of Qatar, the Kingdome of Saudi Arabia, Republic of Korea, Ukraine, Republic of Kazakhstan as well as United Nations Residence Coordinator in Turkmenistan and Head of UNRCCA Center have sent their condolences messages to H.E Ambassador of Afghanistan to Turkmenistan.

They expressed their sympathy to the families who lost their family members in these violent terrorist attacks. They also wished for a quick recovery of the injured.