Afghanistan to launch 4G services in the near future: MCIT

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology of Afghanistan informed regarding the launch of fourth generation of wireless mobile telecommunications technology (4G) across the country.

Engineer Syed Ahmadshah Sadat, the acting minister of communications and information technology, said the leadership of the ministry in coordination with the presidential palace decided to announce the policy for 4G internet services.

Sadat further added that the ministry aims to introduce new technologies and better communication services with the new plan.
He said the ministry of communication and information technology will continue to its efforts to expand internet services in the country with the announcement of the new policy.

The ministry also called on telecommunication companies and internet service providers to contact the ATRA office for enabling the 4G internet services in the country.
Afghanistan witnessed major achievements in telecommunications sector in the past one and half decades, enabling more than 84 per cent of the Afghans to have access to telecommunications facilities.

According to the officials, the services have not been provided to the remaining relatively small portions of the country due to security related issues.
The majority of the Afghans are currently having access to internet services which enables them to gain easy access to information globally besides having access to the international services.

Source: Khaama Press