Afghanistan now has the capacity to produce 310,000 megawatts (MW) of power but it still imports 75 percent of its needed electricity

Jun 07, 2016
Officials from Ministry of Energy and Water said that 25 percent of 1,400MW power is provided from internal resources.

“We have a three-year plan to become self-reliant. We will use our own resources once the plan is completed,” said Abdul Basir Azimi, spokesman for Ministry of Energy and Water.

Meanwhile, a number of analysts on economic affairs said Afghanistan will save millions of dollars annually if it uses its own resources to produce electricity.

“If Afghanistan’s resources are used to generate power, millions of dollars will be saved which now we use for purchasing the imported power for our use. If this happens, more ground will be provided for investment in the country,” said Sayed Massoud, lecturer at Kabul University.

This comes after Salma Dam was inaugurated this week which produces 42MW electricity for Herat province.

Source: ToloNews