Afghanistan Food Festival Held in India

A ten-day food and craft festival was organized by the Consulate General of Afghanistan in Hyderabad to promote culture, trade and mutual relationship between New Delhi and Kabul.

“We aim to strengthen cultural and trade ties between India and Afghanistan. To promote mutual interest of both nations, we’ve arranged traders’ meet and workshops,” said Muhammad Suleman Kakar, Consul General of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Hyderabad.

The main purpose of conducting such festivals is to expand the trade and business between the two countries.

“As a part of the festival, we are conducting a traders meeting on April 6th, 2021, where buyers and sellers come together to have a look at the traders who have come from Afghanistan to display their products. And the following day we will be having a world interactive workshop will be conducted for the development of import and exports between Afghanistan and India, thus promoting the mutual interests of both the countries,” he said.