Afghanistan Exports 109 Tons of Goods Via Air Corridors Last Month

Afghanistan has exported 109 tons of goods worth $17 million through air corridors to different countries in December, says the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI).

In a statement, the MoCI said 25 tons of items were exported to China, 30 tons to India and 22 tons to European nations. The exports were airlifted by 787 flights.

At least five tons of goods were exported to Saudi Arabia, 19 tons to the United Arab Emirates, six tons to Britain and two tons to Turkey in December, the ministry added.

According to the statement, about 1,062 tons of goods worth $24 million had been exported in November.

Pomegranate, saffron, walnut, grape, melon, almond, pine nut, carpets, sheep skin and pistachio were the main items exported.