Afghan Student Who Graduated Secondary School With High Scores is Awarded By Embassy of I.R. Afghanistan in Turkmenistan

Mr. Meerwais Nab, Ambassador of I.R. Afghanistan in Turkmenistan received an Afghan student who recently graduated from secondary school N33, Turkmenabat, Lebap province with high scores.

Mulam Berdi Ulker was awarded with “Certificate of Achievement” for her outstanding achievements in her school.

Ambassador Nab emphasized on the importance of cultural mainly expanding of educational cooperation between Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and Turkmenistan.

He added that Mulam Berdi Ulker is an example to all Afghan female students who are living and studying in Turkmenistan.

He added that the Embassy of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Turkmenistan is always ready to assist them.

The embassy staff wished her best of luck in her future endeavors and encouraged other female Afghan students to follow her steps.

Brief Biography of Mulam Berdi Ulker:
Mulam Berdi Ulker is the daughter of Allah Berdi was born on 13th September 1998 in Turkmenabad city of Turkmenistan.

Ulker was admitted to school on 1st September 2005 in Lebab province. She emerged as an outstanding student in her school. She is a hard working and obedient student and always obtains 5 marks in her exams.

Her favorite subjects are Russian, English, Chemistry, Geography and Biology. She is actively participating in cultural events which are taking place in and out of the school premises. She is a role model for other students and is respected and well treated among her teachers.

Ulker has very good understanding and remembering abilities. She reads newspapers, magazines and other research papers and has very good knowledge of social, economic and politics.

Ulker is a kind and understandable girl and participates in sports as well. She plays volleyball in her free times.

The administration of the school believes that Ulker will emerge and an outstanding figure in her society.