Afghan Scholars based in Turkmenistan in a gathering called for an immediate ceasefire in Afghanistan

Press Release of Afghan Religious Scholars based in Turkmenistan

Peace is one of the most basic needs of humanity and according to the verses of the Holy Quran and the Hadiths of the Prophet (PBUH), it is the duty of the Muslim Ummah to strive for peace, stability and prosperity.

We, the Afghan Scholars living in Turkmenistan, gathered on April 7, 2021 at the Consulate General of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Mary province to raise our voices for security, peace and lasting stability in Afghanistan.

We emphasize that war is by no means an option to end the ongoing violence in Afghanistan, the only way out of this dilemma is through negotiation and dialogue to reach a lasting political solution.

Over the past two decades, the ongoing violence in Afghanistan has claimed the lives of thousands of innocent civilians, including women, men and children, and at the same time has seriously damaged the economic development, and societal welfare.

We call for a complete end to violence in Afghanistan in order to pave the way for economic development, including the implementation of major infrastructure projects.

When the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Taliban group negotiate in Doha city of Qatar, every possible option must be used to prevent civilian and innocent casualties in Afghanistan.

Therefore, reducing violence is considered an important and fundamental element and we call on the Taliban group to accept an immediate and permanent ceasefire.

Recent targeted assassinations of Afghan figures, including human rights activists, journalists, women’s rights activists, mosque imams, civil society members, and government employees are a matter of deep concern to us and we call for an immediate end to them.

Undoubtedly, the economic, social development and bright future of Afghanistan require trained cadres to work for the development of the country, therefore the assassination of Afghan political, religious and cultural figures is a major example of ignorance.

We, the Afghan Scholars living in Turkmenistan, appreciate the effective efforts of our friendly neighbor Turkmenistan over the past two decades for ensuring lasting peace and stability in Afghanistan and see it as a strong reason for good neighborliness.

We, the Afghan Scholars living in Turkmenistan, pray to Allah Almighty for lasting peace, security and stability in Afghanistan so that all Afghans can live a happy and prosperous life together.