Afghan Ambassador Emphasized upon Implementation of Regional Projects during an Interview with Afghan Journalists

Meerwais Nab, Ambassador of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to Turkmenistan during an interview with Afghan Journalists from Tolo News, 1 TV Media, Ariana News and Ayna TV at the Afghan Embassy Emphasized upon the implementation of Regional Projects.

Ambassador Nab mentioned that TAPI is good example of Regional Projects whose implementation will not only bring millions of dollars transit fee, provide job opportunities to thousands of people but will also help restore peace in the region.

He added that Afghanistan as a bridge between the Central Asia and South Asia can play a significant role in the trade and transit sphere.

He said that with the inauguration of Ashgabat International Airport a new chapter of trade and transit will be opened for Turkmenistan and the countries in the region and expressed hope for further transit cooperation with direct and transit flights between Afghanistan and Turkmenistan.

Ambassador Nab while discussing the “Lapis Lazuli Trade and Transit Corridor” mentioned that with implementation of this corridor Afghanistan’s goods can reach European markets and vice-versa and will provide an alternative transit route.

Lapis Lazuli Trade and Transit Corridor will not only benefit Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey but will also benefit Pakistan to use Afghanistan’s land as transit for exporting its goods in mutual economic interests.

Ambassador Nab regarding the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Tajikistan Railway mentioned that we have been witnessing the arrival of the first freight cargo from China to Afghanistan in the last week and we hope that TAT will also contribute to exporting Afghan goods to Europe and beyond that.

Further in an answer to a question regarding the situation of Afghanistan-Turkmenistan borders he added: Afghanistan as an independent country will always protect its borders from insurgents.

He added, we all know that Afghanistan is facing a very complex war against terrorism which is threat not to Afghanistan only but to the whole world.

Afghanistan attaches a great importance to the security of its borders with Turkmenistan. Both countries are enjoying a peaceful border. He added that we have a 744 kilometers long border with Turkmenistan.

We hear many negative stories from different media sources from the region and beyond, that the situation in the borders of Afghanistan and Turkmenistan are getting worse which possess threat to the security of Central Asian countries specially Turkmenistan. He said that the Government of Afghanistan has taken all possible security measures to keep the borders secure.

Ambassador Nab mentioned that when H.E Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan visited Herat province three months ago he was briefed about the border situations by the Afghan Border Forces. Special presentations regarding the security of the TAPI pipeline were also presented.

He added that the government of Afghanistan is always ready for cooperation with its neighbors to fight against all foreign fighters who intend to disturb the peace in the border areas, especially with our brotherly country Turkmenistan.

Ambassador Nab also discussed about the 30 scholarships which Turkmenistan grants to Afghan students to study in the Railway, Power and Oil and Gas fields.

Ambassador Nab also said about export of Afghanistan’s Marble to Turkmenistan markets. He added we have already reached final steps on the exporting 500,000 m² Herat Marble to Turkmenistan. In this stage we hope to sign the final agreement as soon as possible.

He further added that the Embassy of I.R. Afghanistan in collaboration with Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan is working in establishing of “Pashto and Dari” Departments in Turkmen Universities and also Turkmen Language Department in Universities of Afghanistan.