A Briefing Was Hosted at The Embassy of The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan In Ashgabat

ASHGABAT –On Thursday Oct 29, 2020, Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Ashgabat hosted a briefing where Chargé d’Affaires and Counselors of the Embassies and International Organizations based in Ashgabat were invited.

Mr. Ahmad Tariq Noorzadeh Counselor and Chargé d’Affaires of the Embassy briefed the participants about the position of the Afghan Government in the Peace and Negotiation Process and emphased that the negotiation is between the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and Taliban.

Mr. Noorzadeh noted that, Afghan Government has sent its Delegation to Doha with the Slogan of REPUBLIC were Afghans can see themselves in it and is able to defend the rights of every Afghan citizen from all parts of the country.

In continuation, he added that, ceasefire is the priority of Afghanistan during the negotiations in order to stop Afghan men, women and children being killed every day.

During the second part of the briefing, he gave information about the Bilateral Relations of I.R. Afghanistan with Turkmenistan in the spheres of Politics, Security, Economy and Trilateral dialogues in the format of Afghanistan – Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan as well as Afghanistan – Turkmenistan and United States.

In closing, Mr. Noorzadeh answered the questions of the participants.

The briefing proceeded with buffet lunch where open discussions happened between the participants.