3rd UNSCR-1325 Implementation Report Preparation Process Leading Committee Holds Meeting

KABUL – The Leading committee on preparation of the 3rd United Nations Security Council Resolution-1325 implementation process report, headed by the Afghan Deputy Foreign Minister Mr. Idrees Zaman and with the participation of the representatives of the relevant entities, was held today.

Mr. Zaman, talking on the report, deemed the use of the past experience in escalating the next reports as significant.

Following the presentation of details of the report, the participants put forward their recommendations on the contents and the form of the report.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs as the coordinating entity is responsible for the follow up, supervision and evaluation of reporting on the implementation of the UNSCR-1325 which after the finalization of the 3rd UNSCR-1325 implementation report by the leading committee and sending it to the President’s Office and the National Assembly is due to present the same to the United Nations.