15% Hike In Kandahar’s Raisin Production

Officials of the Afghan Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock in Kandahar province have reported a 15% hike in the province’s raisin production.

With the establishment of new raisin houses in the province 35,000 tons of raisins have been produced from 280,000 tons of grapes, which indicates a 15% increase in raisin production.

According to the provincial head of agriculture Hafizullah Sayedi, ¾ of Kandahar’s grapes are exported fresh to domestic and international markets and ¼ of the grapes are exported as raisins.

The Afghan government undertook the project of revamping Afghanistan’s traditional raisin houses in 2018 in a bid to boost raisin production and exports.

For generations Afghan farmers have kept raisins in squat mud brick sheds where the grapes were hung and desiccated.

Funded by aid agencies, the new raisin houses have made the drying process of grapes faster and cleaner. The new, cement-floored raisin houses are equipped with neat rows of metal hanging racks to hang grapes.

Source: Wadsam.Com